The second life of a classic

We have collected returned pieces over the years and had them "tumbled" in Solingen. Thousands of small ceramic stones grind the flatware in a rotating drum and create the unique finish of these limited to 140 5pcs. flatware sets - a dress for the second spring.

New start with old flatware

The initial spark for Mono A RE-USE came from the creative agency Kemmler Kemmler in early 2021. In the planning phase for their new, multifunctional studio and event space in Berlin Kreuzberg, they contacted us: as a small but crucial detail, a suitable, representative flatware was still missing. Driven by the desire to fill this space with sustainable solutions and creative stories, the idea was born to work with the flatware returns we had collected over the years. The idea for the concept for the limited edition Mono A RE-USE was born.

The flatware classic receives a unique finish through the so-called "Rommel" process. Together with ceramic granules, the flatware pieces are placed in a rotating drum and processed by the action of friction. The result: where there were previously small quirks and scratches, a uniform and at the same time extraordinary surface structure with a characteristic pattern is created. Each flatware piece of the edition is marked with a "RE-USE" laser engraving including the "Rommel" date - the birth of incomparable one-of-a-kind pieces, limited to 140 flatware sets