Mono A

Mono A is the foundation of the history of Mono. The designer Peter Raacke created this reduced design on behalf of Herbert Seibel (3rd generation of the family business) at the end of the 1950s. The goal was to develop a flatware with a timeless design that could be produced easily and sustainably. After its launch in 1959, designer Raacke and manufacturer Seibel realized that the design was too progressive, the radical simplicity did not meet the taste of retailers and customers. In 1973, fourteen years later, Mono A won its first important design award, the Federal Prize for Good Form. Today, it is considered an absolute design classic, has won dozens of awards and has proven itself again and again in timeless aesthetics and relevance.

Mono A is made of 18/10 stainless steel. The knife blade is made of hardened blade steel that ensures long cutting durability. All parts are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. For more tips on caring for Mono flatware, click here.

The Mono A knife is available in two versions. The short blade is the original knife design by Peter Raacke. The long blade was added later as an alternative. Both variants are equally functional. The choice is based on personal preference. Complementary, various serving pieces are available by Mono A, from salad servers to cake servers to snail forks. All pieces have a satin brushed finish, alternatively Mono A is also available in mirror finish.

If you are unsure whether Mono A is the flatware of your choice, you can test it at home in daily use to make your decision with a high level of confidence. More information about the Mono flatware tasting can be found here.