Mono SK59

A new generation of kitchen knives: Unexpected in form, immediately familiar in application. Strong and angular in appearance, light and ergonomic in use. High-end knives Made in Germany. Mono SK59 knives are made of Sandvik 12C27TM steel, a high-performance steel that has been developed over 45 years, hardened to 59 Rockwell. Blades made of Sandvik 12C27TM deliver lasting cutting power, they rarely need to be resharpened. In addition, the blades have exceptional stability - they remain flexible and do not become porous - and are extremely resistant to corrosion.

The Mono SK59 series includes three types of knifes. The Chef‘s knife with a 17cm blade is the tool of choice for various slicing and cutting jobs. With the 21cm blade of the Ham slicer, even roasts and other meat can be cut perfectly thanks to the particularly smooth cutting edge. The small Utility knife with its 14cm blade is the ideal kitchen helper for fruit and vegetables.

Completely in black, this is how the variant of the high-end knife series Mono SK59 presents itself. The blade made of high-performance Sandvik 12C27TM steel is covered with a layer of so-called "Diamond-Like Carbon" (DLC). Diamond-Like Carbon is extremely hard, durable, scratch- and corrosion-resistant and has an extremely low coefficient of friction. A fine layer of diamond-like carbon (DLC) is applied to the knife blades under vacuum. In the finish, the handle and blade back of the knives are ground and the blade is sharpened. This creates a fine silver-colored seam that gives the knife a significant, continuous outer line. The contrast of the matte, deep black against the bright, silver trace gives Mono SK59 Black its special appearance.