Prof. Peter Raacke 

From Berlin we receive the sad news that Professor Peter Raacke passed away on March 20, 2022 at the age of 93.  

The name and work of Peter Raacke is and remains inseparably linked with the Mono brand and the owner family Seibel. It was him who, together with the then family partner Herbert Seibel, accompanied by the equally renowned graphic designer Karl Oskar Blase, dared in 1958 to make an almost radical new start in the conception and design of a stainless steel cutlery. He himself called his first Mono design, the Mono-A flatware "a piece of sheet metal."  

In 1959, the success story of this design classic began, which has defined the DNA of the Mono brand and our flatware manufactory to this day, winning countless awards and becoming part of museum collections worldwide.  

Peter Raacke questioned the meaning and purpose of form and function. He thereby reduced and focused the design of his creations. At the same time, through his work as a goldsmith, he always had a passion for the properties of the respective material and great respect for the people who understood how to give shape and function to a material in production.  

In the years that followed, Peter Raacke developed countless designs and product concepts for Mono, in particular the Mono E and Mono T flatware, Mono Ring, Mono Clip and Mono Oval, but also bowls, jugs, fondue sets, candlesticks and accessories. In this collaboration, the Mono product collection gradually evolved into the Mono brand, which eventually became the entire Mono company.  

Peter Raacke remained attached to the Mono brand and took an active interest in the company even in his old age. One expression of this was his close collaboration with the Berlin designer Mark Braun. He accompanied him in carefully redesigning the legendary Mono Ring flatware design from 1962 in 2018 and adapting it to today's technical possibilities and more modern synthetic materials.  

As the Seibel family and the entire Mono team, we are committed to Professor Peter Raacke's mission of conception, form and function, and creative questioning. We are losing an important inspirer of our company and a challenging sparring partner in the best possible sense.  

At the same time, we are sadly united with Peter Raacke's wife and his large family and wish them comfort, encouragement and many good memories in their farewell pain and mourning.

The Seibel family and the entire Mono team